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Brand strategy

Curiosity is an almighty force

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We believe the power of a question

can move the world forward

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There are those who question the way things are. They ask, Can things be better?. Their questions drive improvement in the things that surround us. In the way we live and the way we are all treated. They are relentless in the pursuit of the truth. Relentless in the search for what’s right. And what’s fair. They stand up for the ordinary person. They protect the things we value. Our children. Our families. Our community. Their questions can change minds. Laws. Lives. And societies. Their questions can ruffle feathers or stir up a storm. They always challenge. They never stop. Every who, what, when, where, why and which gets us all closer to the truth. And in the world we live in today and the world we face tomorrow... those who keep questioning have never been more important.

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  • He’s the one everyone speaks to when they need something - he’s just more inquisitive than anyone else.
  • Syed, 38

There’s an attitude of buy fast, repent later. But I’m not that type of person.

Karen, 57

“ I prize proof
over opinion ”
of Which?
readers agree
▲ 11 points higher than the general population
Source: Google consumer survey n=200
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