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Brand look

About our look

Our look is bold, intriguing, relatable and aspirational. We use our colour, photography and our question mark to make people think. We always focus on the positive and we keep it simple.

Welcome to Which?

Brand look menu


Which? Red
C0 M100 Y100 K0
R227 G6 B19
Which? White
C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255
Which? Black
C84 M68 Y62 K77
R5 G23 B29
Purple Rain
C50 M90 Y0 K0
R150 G54 B139
Purple Haze
C72 M84 Y0 K0
R105 G64 B146
Lilly The Pink
C5 M92 Y42 K0
R224 G42 B136
Pink Floyd
C2 M98 Y42 K0
R227 G16 B90
Blue Moon
C84 M76 Y0 K0
R72 G75 B154
Mr Blue Sky
C69 M19 Y0 K0
R66 G165 B221
Electric Blue
C71 M0 Y22 K0
R32 G183 B202
Green Day
C79 M4 Y45 K2
R0 G166 B156
Green Onions
C72 M5 Y95 K0
R76 G168 B62
Green Door
C51 M2 Y94 K0
R146 G190 B52
Al Green
C24 M0 Y94 K0
R210 G214 B21
Yellow Sub
C0 M21 Y88 K0
R254 G204 B39
Fools Gold
C0 M42 Y92 K0
R246 G163 B28
Orange Crush
C0 M69 Y87 K0
R237 G106 B44
C1 M1 Y1 K0
C3 M2 Y2 K0
C5 M4 Y4 K0
C11 M8 Y9 K0
C26 M21 Y21 K0
C41 M33 Y34 K1
C55 M47 Y46 K12
C61 M53 Y52 K23
C67 M60 Y59 K45
C72 M66 Y66 K73
Blue Grey
C6 M3 Y3 K0
Blue Grey
C18 M9 710 K0
Blue Grey
C31 M18 Y17 K0
Blue Grey
C46 M28 Y26 K0
Blue Grey
C57 M35 Y32 K2
Blue Grey
C67 M42 Y36 K6
Blue Grey
C71 M48 Y47 K13
Blue Grey
C75 M55 Y47 K24
Blue Grey
C78 M60 Y53 K38
Blue Grey
C80 M65 Y58 K56


  • The Stag font family is our brand font and should be used wherever possible
  • Make your typography clear and readable, not ‘shouty’
  • Use as few faces as you can
Stag Sans Light
Stag Sans Book
Stag Sans Medium
Stag Sans Semi Bold

Other fonts

Only use these in certain circumstances

Print use

Font charter — for body copy in certain parts of our magazines
Font proxima — for tables, graphs and diagrams

Digital use

Open Sans — for all body copy
Georgia italic — used sparingly for emphasis

For Which? employees

Use for internal, client and member communications – emails, HTML emails, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Tahoma — for headlines
Tahoma — for body copy

Requests? Clarifications? Email brand@which.co.uk

Style principles

Brand look question mark

Using the question mark

Use the graphic route for everything that is driving an action (pushing to other services, call to action box)

Brand look photography

Using photography

Use for brand messaging and anything that isn‘t driving a direct call to action.



Ensure the image feels like a real, human moment.

Intriguing, relatable and aspirational. It should focus on the positive rather than the negative.


Ensure the image isn’t too cluttered or complicated to decipher.

Our image should be clean and distinct, even from a distance. It should be depicting a single, clear story.


Ensure the image has a key colour that stands out.

It should focus on one vibrant colour close to the Which? colour palette, which must add vibrancy to the image.

How we look

Brand look collage

We avoid

  • Showing people in a studio environment
  • Showing unrealistic images
  • Showing people posing/smiling directly at the camera
  • Showing images with an effect such as a motion blur
  • Treating images with any kind of effect such as a colour wash or noise vignettes
  • Too much of one or multiple dominant colours
  • Putting a human face to Which? services that aren’t customer-facing
  • Being cold and austere
  • Showing anything old-fashioned or twee
  • Clichés
  • Showing anything that looks staged or set up
  • Showing imagery that’s too cluttered

Treating colour

Brand look treating colour

If you have to change an image to work with a previously set headline colour, just retouch the image so it’s closer to the colour palette.

Brand look colour treating 2

Feel free to add vibrancy to make the colour pop. If an image is missing a dominant colour, add it in retouching, but keep it natural.


Please download the PDF for details on print advertising guidleines.